The plight of the Sudanese deserves our attention

Sudan needs assistance from the international community—and it needs it very quickly.

2h ago

Inflation eating into daily meals

Authorities must address skyrocketing food prices

3h ago

Monitor groundwater to manage it better

Climate impact on groundwater and solutions

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Has DU admin turned into a PR agency for the ruling party?

One can argue that DU has lost its inherent structural identity and characteristics as a democratic and free institution for learning and research

Opinion / Could 2024 mark the end of crony economy and captive politics?

Politics has been captured by the nexus of an oligopoly of business interests and the willingly colluding political class.

Scientific breakthroughs of 2023

The astounding discoveries made by scientists in the fields of cosmology, nuclear energy, medicine, cancer and artificial intelligence are poised to profoundly impact our lives

In Focus

In Focus

121st Birth Anniversary of Poet Jasim Uddin / Jasim Uddin’s 1971

There has not been much research on to what extent the shadow of 1971 has been reflected in Bangla literature.

Climate change and unplanned development are creating a new set of damaging risks

The Daily Star (TDS): Congratulations on being honored with the prestigious 2023 AXA IM Research Award. We are eager to learn more about the specific accomplishments that led to this recognition and the impactful work for which you are being celebrated.

Bengal’s Fishermen: Through War, Famine and Partition

The fishermen communities of Bengal were diverse with regional variations. Apart from Malos, Kaibartas, Bagdis, and Pods, the numerically significant fishermen sub-castes, there were many other smaller and localized communities involved in fishing.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Trapped in a never-ending scroll?

Breaking free from the cycle of excessive consumption requires awareness.

When will the government learn from past dengue outbreaks?

We even have our own experts repeatedly giving warnings ahead of the dengue season, and every year, they fall on deaf ears.

Plug the brain drain

As a developing country, Bangladesh is a victim of brain drain.

Views Multimedia

Views Multimedia

Tackling the causes behind fire incidents

Dr Syeda Sultana Razia speaks to The Daily Star Opinion regarding the causes behind frequent fires and some possible solutions. 

Our reality versus government's narrative

Why is there so much difference between the reality of common people and that which the government wants to see or project?

Poor policy and market management have caused price hikes

Why is the government failing to manage the market as they should?

Sued under DSA, woman dies in Rab custody

According to family members, Rab said the 38-year-old Sultana Jasmine suffered a stroke in their custody, but her relatives insisted that she had no medical issues

Have we been able to establish a state different from Pakistan?

Through the Liberation War of 1971, the people of this region wanted to establish a state that would not be built in the model of Pakistan. Fifty-two years later, can we say we have achieved that goal?

December 16: Who will be the next Niazi?

Every year on December 16, the firing of the cannon evokes a strange feeling in me. It seems like the first cry of a newborn, signalling that after 9 months of struggle, I am here

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Explaining the potential exodus of funds from Bangladesh

The mismatch highlighted by the IMF could indicate that capital flight in FY23 has increased even more.

3d ago

We must give our expatriates due recognition

Bangladesh has become one of the fastest-growing economies, heavily fuelled by remittance,

4d ago

The most 'memorable' comments of 2023

Throughout 2023, we have had the "privilege" of hearing a series of controversial comments from our public figures, mainly politicians.

4d ago

Voters without choice are just glorified dummies

You’ve already met the dummy candidates, aka independents. Now, meet dummy voters.

4d ago

How well did we play in 2023?

In the world of sports, Bangladeshi women’s and men’s teams for cricket and football have had an eventful year.

5d ago

2023 was the year of inflation

In Bangladesh, 2023 was the year of inflation.

5d ago

What Bangladesh can do before COP29

Bangladesh can bank on the decision of renewable and energy efficiency.

5d ago

Strong local government for developing democracy

A stable union parishad is crucial for the long-term development of rural communities and the strengthening of democracy.

5d ago

Rising inequality will be our doom

BBS survey reveals alarming picture of wealth concentration by the rich

5d ago
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