Law & Our Rights

Law & Our Rights

LAW AND GENDER / (Trans)gender and the Question of Constitutional Membership

Gender appears to be a hackneyed topic in our country. If not, it is a ghost that necessitates fighting when it comes in conflict with our so-called social and religious values.

LAW REVIEW / Confusions Stemming from the Bank Company (Amendment) Act 2023

Taking a loan with the intention of repaying through installments as per the loan agreement is an integral part of modern economy.

Certificate giving ceremony held at The Daily Star

Law & Our Rights, The Daily Star recognised the top three writers of the International Human Rights Day Write-up Competition 2023 on 10 December 2023 at The Daily Star centre. The flagship competition has been organised since 2017 by the page.

AI and Copyright Law

Remember when computer was simply a tool to help humans be more productive? Those quaint days are gone. Now, machines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) actively create -  art works, literature, and music that display imagination and inspiration comparable to humans.

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Nuances of maternity benefits under Bangladesh labour laws

When talking about women’s right to work, it is not sufficient to only discuss the participation of women in the labour market. It is also equally important to ensure that no woman, irrespective of reproductive choices, gets discriminated against.

Climate negotiations should be grounded in decolonisation and global justice

Mohammad Golam Sarwar, a Chevening & Commonwealth Scholar and an Assistant Professor of Law (on study leave) at the University of Dhaka, is currently pursuing his Doctoral Research on climate crisis and alternative development at SOAS University of London.

Human Rights Summer School organised by ELCOP

This year, the 22nd  Human Rights Summer School (HRSS) has been organised by Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) in Proshika HRDC, Manikganj from 17th to 28th October 2023.

Amended labour law not worker-friendly

A group of labour leaders of Bangladesh today complained to the visiting delegation of the European Union that the amended labour law is not worker-friendly as many anti-labour provisions have been incorporated.

Does the CSA offer anything substantially different?

The Digital Security Act 2018 (DSA) is set to be replaced with a new (and arguably, different) statute— the Cyber Security Act 2023 (CSA). This write-up attempts to find out whether the most controversial aspects of the DSA have been adequately addressed by the proposed bill.

Book launching ceremony marking the anniversary of the Bangladesh Constitution

A comprehensive book on Bangladesh Constitution titled as “The Constitutional Law of Bangladesh: Progression and Transformation at its 50th Anniversary” has been published from Springer Nature (Singapore).

Who can get fundamental rights enforced against whom?

Under article 102(1) of the Bangladesh Constitution, the High Court Division on the application of any person aggrieved, may give such directions or orders to any person or authority, including any person performing any function in connection with the affairs of the Republic, for the enforcement of any of the fundamental rights conferred in this Constitution.

A precondition for rule of law is to ensure separation of powers

Dr. Kamal Hossain is a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court and the senior-most lawyer in the country. He was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in 1970.

Writ seeks reserve seats for overseas citizens in parliament

A writ petition has been filed with the High Court seeking its directive on the government to take necessary steps to reserve seats for overseas citizens in parliament to ensure equal treatment for them

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