JU entry tests start on Feb 22

The first year honours admission test at Jahangirnagar University (JU) for the academic year 2023-24 will begin on February 22 and will continue till February 29

Satire / How to force yourself to have fun on New Year's Eve

SATIRE: The first step to having fun on December 31 is to manage a BBQ party invite at some over-enthusiastic friend’s rooftop.

Campus picks the best movies of 2023

Here are a few movies that have moved us deeply, enough to land as our favourites of the year.

How to get to BRAC University’s new campus by bus

Buses to take to get to BRACU's new campus.

Stages of grief when you are not invited to your friend’s wedding

After hearing such news, you ought to feel some type of way. But feeling good isn’t the first thing on that list.

Young entrepreneurs in the wedding scene

The growing wedding industry of Bangladeshi is allowing young entrepreneurs to succeed.

The experience of starting your own coaching classes as a university student

Before coming into this sector, it is crucial to understand the differences between conducting private tuitions and managing an entire class.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: A boring and disjointed conclusion to the old DC universe

What could have been a solid way to end things with a bang, unfortunately ended things with a whimper.

The need for diverse scholarships beyond sports

Why limit scholarships and quotas to sports?



Interview with Arun Rajamani, Managing Director, Cambridge University Press and Assessment, South Asia

Arun Rajamani is the Managing Director at Cambridge University Press and Assessment, South Asia. He has been responsible for building the Cambridge University Press and Assessment the brand from the over a year in its journey to becoming a not-for-profit organisation that provides world-leading academic research, learning and assessment globally.

Exploring the world of literary theory

"Get to know your people, and this way you will know yourself."

Making our city beautiful

The artists behind the Moghbazar flyover artwork.

In conversation with Professor Imran Rahman

Sitting down with the vice-Chancellor of University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (ULAB).

In conversation with Manas Singh, CEO of STS Group

We came up with the concept of “school of life”, a school that prepares students for life, and with that ambition, we launched Glenrich International School.

In conversation with Team Bangladesh – Battle of Minds 2022

The champions of Battle of Minds 2022 tell us more about their experience throughout the competition.


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Publication ceremony of the book “Courageous Journey of Struggling Entrepreneurs'

Publication ceremony of the book “Courageous Journey of Struggling Entrepreneurs'” edited by Md Sabur Khan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Daffodil International University (DIU).

EXIM Bank Agricultural University Bangladesh (EBAUB) signs MoU with University of Algarve, Portugal

The MoU was signed by EBAUB VC Prof. Dr ABM Rashedul Hassan and the Rector of the University of Algarve Prof. Dr Paulo Águas.

Korean Ambassador inaugurates Language Center at Canadian University of Bangladesh

The ‘Center for International Language and Culture’ has officially been inaugurated today at Canadian University of Bangladesh (CUB). With the title, "Bridging borders and building bonds: the transformative power of international language and culture", the Korean Ambassador to Bangladesh Park Young-Sik innaugurated the center at the university auditorium.

Risky routes, shattered dreams: NSU national seminar exposes plight of Bangladeshi migrants to Europe

On December 17, a national seminar on ‘Dreams across the Sea: Unpacking the Realities of Irregular Bangladeshi Migration to Europe’ brought to light the dire circumstances facing Bangladeshi migrants en route to Europe. The seminar was organised on International Migration Day and held at North South University (NSU).

Poetry contest at ISD to uphold patriotism

International School Dhaka (ISD), which offers International Baccalaureate curricula to its local and foreign students, organised a Bangla poetry writing competition to mark the country’s 53rd Victory Day.

Seven Bangladeshis receive British Council’s IELTS Prize 2023

The names of the winners of the British Council’s IELTS Prize for 2023 have recently been announced. The annual competition supports IELTS test-takers with up to £5,000 towards university tuition fees in English-speaking universities around the world, helping young ambitious people turn their academic dreams into reality.

Canadian University of Bangladesh Acknowledges HSC Toppers with Merit Awards

The Canadian University of Bangladesh honoured successful HSC and equivalent exam students of 2023 with a commendation.

Campus Life

Campus Life

Fashion meets art through trash at ULAB’s Trashion Show

The Department of Media Studies & Journalism (MSJ) at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organised “Trashion Show” – a fashion show where students crafted different outfits and accessories using recycled waste materials.

BRAC University's move to Merul Badda: Students reflect on Mohakhali memories

As BRAC University (BRACU) begins shifting to its new campus in Merul Badda, students reflect upon their time at Mohakhali – the university’s home for over two decades.

The implications of grade boundaries on students

University grading scales are far more complicated, with numerous positive and negative grades alongside letter marks.

Why campuses are important for university students

As a student of BRAC University (BRACU), a university that is yet to move to a permanent campus, the importance of having a campus became clearer to me through the sheer irony of writing this article.

What to expect from a Communications degree

Communication entails more than just speaking and listening; it also entails crafting messages that resonate with a variety of audiences, understanding communicators' psychology, and staying current with new trends and technologies.

The importance of counselling in universities

Taking the first step in seeking help is the hardest part. But once you start, life starts getting easier as you go.



How political instability affects students

While online classes are necessary given the situation, they are not a cure.

Why must there be a mandatory minimum university attendance?

Whilst it is not an easy task to do well in tests without attending classes, if a student somehow manages to make up for it by working hard they shouldn’t suffer for it.

Was the six-month semester a good idea for private universities?

The new system has created a looming threat of session jams, something previously unheard of in private institutes.

Why there’s a lack of English medium students applying to public universities

It’s commonly seen that participation from English medium students is comparatively much lower.

The BCS obsession of public university students

Why do many public university students abandon their majors to become BCS cadres?

Should menstrual leaves be issued in educational institutions?

Menstruation, one of the most normal bodily functions, has been branded as taboo since the beginning of time.

Are private universities ready for a two-semester system?

The scenario here has been nothing but rushed and confusing.

Off Campus

Off Campus

On the nuances of discipline

Discipline rarely comes easy, and each person faces a different challenge when trying to find what works for them.

Letters from readers – December 21, 2023

This is what our readers had to say this week.

Killers of the Flower Moon is a horrifying portrayal of a historically important event

Beneath its murders and the investigation, Killers of the Flower Moon tells a story of greed on which lies the birth of the American nation.

Are you managing time effectively? If not, here’s how you can do so

In today’s fast-paced and hectic world, many struggle to keep up with their myriad of responsibilities.

Friends of BBA student tired of filling up Google Forms

What’s more difficult than being a BBA student? Being friends with one.

Keeping up with academics when you’re ailing chronically

Students who suffer from chronic illnesses are required to identify and maintain the equilibrium between their mental well-being and their academic responsibilities. In such cases, finding moments of respite can be instrumental in recharging one’s physical and emotional reserves, thus contributing to a more sustainable approach to academic endeavours. 

Letters from readers – December 14, 2023

This is what our readers had to say this week.

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