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Star Literature

FLASH FICTION / Her last words

The slamming of the front door sounded an ominous note, warning of trouble to come.

4d ago

FLASH FICTION / Payback time

I’m not sure when I first realised that we’d met before. In the beginning, you were just the elderly man I often noticed pottering around our communal rooftop.

4d ago

POETRY / The Last Day of a Red Tulip

One early morning, before the sun’s ascent, Stood a red bud in my front lawn.

4d ago

POETRY / There is no water if i’m on water

I am put away impulsively like the totems on a modern alter 

4d ago

POETRY / Inside

She’s as real as my meandering/ As tangible as tinkering.

5d ago

ESSAY / What do the end-of-the-world narratives tell us about the climate crisis?

Thinking of the roles of narratives in responding to the climate crisis, the most obvious one that comes to mind is the effective reach of narratives that connect us to the crisis, emotionally and intellectually.

1w ago

Essay / Rokeya’s relevance to Palestinian feminism

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (online), the first known use of the term ‘feminism’–

1w ago

Poetry / Cleaner of dawn

She doesn’t need an alarm For the last hour of the night.

1w ago

POETRY / Olives

Seven feet of mud swept water, /Bodies under rubble.

ESSAY / The Palestinian crisis, Holocaust production, and ‘Maus’

This is part of a grand narrative that, offensive as it is, asks why the Jewish people let themselves be killed, instead of asking why the system enabled it to happen–the same narrative also exists in the cases of colonialism and slavery.

POETRY / I, Whore; I, Birangona1

Would it be too much to ask you/ To forgive me for the carnal sin I did not commit?

The sarees and the stories we inherit

For the first time, I also found myself giddy over a male protagonist from the world of my father and uncles. The character of Nadeem, Selina's boyfriend, can be best described as a "man written by a woman".

2w ago

We still dream of the things that Sultana dreamed of

As long as the problems addressed in Sultana’s Dream continue to exist and be relevant, we must uphold Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s work, values, and ideologies

3w ago


What makes You a boy, me a girl; Me a popper, you an Earl?

3w ago

Soldier amidst the blood moon: An elegy

Crimson blood splattered amongst the ravaged lands

3w ago

Ludic space for Tagore’s fictive children

An interesting concern in contemporary children’s literature criticism is the discussion of power. Do the fictive children in children’s books, conceived and delivered by the adult author, have the ability to exercise their will and possess a voice?

3w ago

The pond

She walked, entranced, into the water until it reached her chin, the wing of her little pink butterfly stuck out like a shark fin.

3w ago


Oh that angelic call, yet I cannot respond. I cannot open my mouth in fear of the burning pain overpowering my senses.


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Baldwin in December

Baldwin was sitting right beside, smoking, killing time, thinking of love and loneliness, friendships and misfortunes. Of Martin and Malcolm.

Séance In The 70's

Talespeople presents The Screaming Shorts, partnered with Daily Star Books and Star Literature

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