My Dhaka

My Dhaka

Armenian Church Celebrating Christmas in January!

Did you know Christmas is celebrated on January 6 at the Armenian Church in Dhaka? In fact, the Armenian Apostolic Church is an Orthodox Christian institution still practising a very old version of Christianity.

16h ago

My Dhaka / Remembering election days of the past

National election days of the past were fun. The extra holiday added to the joy.

2d ago

My Dhaka / In search of affordable dental care in the city

Rahima Sultana is a house help working at three different places to make ends meet. She needed immediate dental attention and hurried to a dental clinic nearby.

4d ago

My Dhaka / Fruitsicles a twist to the winter chill

Who said we cannot enjoy a cold treat during winter? Even if we are experiencing a cold spell, fruity popsicles are always a thing of joy.

1w ago

My Dhaka / Prince of Wales: Christmas delights at the oldest bakery in town

What is Christmas without a cake from Prince of Wales, a historic bakery in Dhaka?

1w ago

The Church of the Holy Rosary: Oldest in Dhaka!

Historians say that it was established in 1677,but some historians have also said that the church was founded in or before 1599. 

1w ago

My Dhaka / Lakeside strolls in the city

As life goes on, day in and out in a monotonous tone, it is not uncommon to get overwhelmed. When all else seems to be getting too much, perhaps it is time to take a break.

1w ago

My Dhaka / The myth of winter in Dhaka

Do not believe the textbooks! As far as Dhaka is concerned, there are only two seasons: summer and monsoon. “This time it will be different” -- many Dhakaiites prophesise every mid-November wishing for a cold winter. However, as is always the case, it is wishful thinking!

2w ago

The treasures of Kaptan Bazar

It is a whole new world altogether. Kaptan Bazar is an old and vibrant marketplace.

2w ago

Royal subahdars: Mughal princes in Dhaka

The fact that he was the emperor’s son had its advantages when it came to ruling the region. Shah Shuja dethroned Dhaka as a Mughal capital, transferring it to Rajmahal. 

2w ago

Storm in a teacup our love for tea

My love for anything related to tea knows no bounds, be it fancy teapots, tea strainers, the gradation of tea leaves, the dreamy rolling tea gardens, or random roadside tea stalls -- I am obsessed with the beauty and romance in it all.

2w ago

Chawk Bazar of the olden times

From the olden times to the present day, much has changed, but Chawk Bazar continues to be one of the commercial hubs of the capital.   

2w ago

Charm of 100ft: Dhaka’s New Playground

Have you ever found yourself cruising down 100ft of Madani Avenue in Dhaka? As you turn to the Bhatara Police Box, and take the straight lane, you are officially on 100ft.

3w ago

Mementoes of the City: Taking back tokens of a metropolis

What would you gift to a foreigner -- perhaps a colleague or friend -- who is about to leave Dhaka after his/her trip here?

3w ago

The magic of rickshaw and rickshaw painting

In the early nineties, while setting up my first home. It became a challenge to decorate my small apartment with limited funds and starting from almost zero.

3w ago

Dhaka’s love affair with winter badminton

As a season, winter has many distinctive charms, and badminton is certainly one of them. For many Dhakaiites,

4w ago

Behind the scenes: Story of Dhaka’s fish trade

Bachchu Miah and I have had a thriving business relationship for the last 27 years. I met this young vendor while I was living in Kalabagan and now after 19 years of being in Uttara, the not-so-young-Bachchu still delivers his fresh catch to me.

Ahsan Manzil without the dome?

To paint a picture of what this majestic building looked like just after the catastrophe, a line from an eyewitness account may be apt here.

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