121st Birth Anniversary of Poet Jasim Uddin / Jasim Uddin’s 1971

There has not been much research on to what extent the shadow of 1971 has been reflected in Bangla literature.

Climate change and unplanned development are creating a new set of damaging risks

The Daily Star (TDS): Congratulations on being honored with the prestigious 2023 AXA IM Research Award. We are eager to learn more about the specific accomplishments that led to this recognition and the impactful work for which you are being celebrated.

Bengal’s Fishermen: Through War, Famine and Partition

The fishermen communities of Bengal were diverse with regional variations. Apart from Malos, Kaibartas, Bagdis, and Pods, the numerically significant fishermen sub-castes, there were many other smaller and localized communities involved in fishing.

Re-discovering the goddess in medieval bengali poetry

The Medieval period in Bengal was noteworthy for its amazing religious syncretism, with the fusion of Shaiva, Shakta, and Vaishnava cults with regional folk traditions.

Dutch perspectives on early-modern Bengal

The riverine area of Bengal has held a significant position in Indian Ocean trade for centuries and has also given rise to different narratives about the region in European accounts.

The Weeping King: How Hindustani Music flourished in colonial Bengal

In 1870, a song collector from Calcutta called Nanda Lal Sharma flicked through the pages of his newly published book, Sangit Sutra. In the central pages was a thumri lyric, set to the rag Alhaiya Khamaj.

Tea-Tokens: A forgotten chapter in the history of tea plantations

The emergence of tea as a beverage in India is a unique social event in history. Sylhet, Assam, Cachar, Dooars, and Darjeeling were preferred for tea production, considering the hill climate favorable for tea production.

The political origin of hunger in Bangladesh

Historical evidence suggests that almost every year before independence in 1971, present-day Bangladesh consistently grappled with a widespread shortage of food grains.

SOULS: Through the eyes of its founder, Sazed Ul Alam

I returned to Chattogram from the Liberation War on December 20, 1971 with my nephew,

Syed Mujtaba Ali between Bengal and Afghanistan

Historically, Afghanistan, and its cities Kabul and Peshawar, were central in the Mughal imagination as the space where the idea of Hindustan took shape.

Reflecting on ‘Amar Dekha Rajnitir Ponchash Bochor’

As I delved into the autobiographical works of Abul Mansur Ahmad, it became evident that he had a penchant for plain speaking, avoiding embellishments.

The Portrayal and Relevance of Women in Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Novels

Kazi Nazrul Islam is our National Poet, but, in addition to writing poetry and composing songs, he also wrote fiction. In fact, Nazrul’s first publication was not poetry, but the short story “Baundeler Atmakahini” (The Autobiography of a Vagabond), published in Saogat in May 1919.

The many meanings of Partition 1947 and beyond

My memory is again in the way of your history.      Agha Shahid Ali

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