Dandelionz and The Daily Star host the ‘Creating Patriots’ event for kids

On December 23rd, the premises of Dandelionz in Dhanmondi was filled with excitement as young minds gathered for the "Creating Patriots" event, organised in association with The Daily Star. As part of the celebration of Victory Day, this daylong program aimed to empower children aged 8-12 to become the changemakers Bangladesh needs.

When the sky lights up

A special comic this week on Rising Stars

Weaving whimsy and wonder in film: A Wonka review

Wonka is a warm watch as long as you’re with people who grew up enchanted by the thought of coming across a golden ticket one day.

The whoas and woes of bunking classes ...

The feeling of freedom that comes with not having to sit through classes where time passes at half the speed.

Life through the lens of an electricity pole

Today, I am covered in lines. Rust from the rain, and the occasional overflowing water from the drain paint my feet in unchangeable colours.


Once a homebody, nestled in its embrace. Now lost, a wanderer in a boundless space.

Nailing your university essays: The dos and don’ts

Making sure to stick to the prompt and ticking all your requirements can massively streamline your writing process.

Beyond the classroom: A deep dive into student leadership

Student leaders play an important role in establishing the culture of their schools and universities, contributing to a lively and inclusive learning environment.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: The highly anticipated sequel that no one anticipated

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off not only does every aspect of its source material justice but elevates it to new heights.



The way to a productive gap year

Taking a gap year is a decision that’s far from simple. An unconventional route after wrapping up high school, a gap year can prove to be a major turning point in your education and career.

Propelling tomorrow’s innovators: Carnegie Mellon’s world-leading Robotics program comes to ISD

Introducing innovative additions to its already illustrious curriculum, International School Dhaka (ISD) recently launched an ambitious new strategy – ISD 2.0. Under this initiative, ISD brought global names into the country, taking the Bangladeshi education landscape to greater heights. 

The alternatives to coaching in A levels 

For most A level students in Dhaka, attending coaching classes is an immutable part of day-to-day life.

Five presentation tips for school students

Making a presentation, especially when you’re a school student, can be a daunting experience, and without proper guidance, you can easily find yourself in a tricky situation. 

Is being part of a school club worth it?

Running a club might not be the dream for everyone, or as impactful in the long-term as we might hear.

How necessary is it to teach programming in schools?

Starting programming while at school would grant early learners an edge over others, giving them the chance to either excel at it or learn the basic skills so that they can use it going forward.

Making the jump from O level to A level

It only takes a few weeks into A levels for students to realise the stark difference between O and A levels.

Pop culture

Pop culture

My Adventures with Superman: The Man of Steel with a slice-of-life flavour

The biggest strength of My Adventures with Superman lies in its portrayal of interpersonal relationships.

Animated horror movies to enjoy with your friends

Here are some animated horror movies you can opt for if you’re not in the mood for chainsaws and summoning demons.

Terrifying yet comforting: What makes Spirited Away a must-watch?

Spirited Away was created with so much care and creativity that makes watching it an experience that should not be missed.

Hosting Pokémon battles with your friends

These online Pokémon games have grown into immersive experiences for an individual to dive into

Is Your Lie In April as good as remembered?

Your Lie In April is a name that pretty much every anime fan out there has heard of at one point or another.

Anime / The Wind Rises: A heart-wrenching tale of love and war

The Wind Rises is a sumptuous delight for both the sight and the soul.



The SATs: Explained

What is the SAT? What does it evaluate?

Climate Crisis: Explained

What is the common factor between you, a student stuck on a rickshaw in 40-degree Celsius temperature, and a polar bear, stranded on a tiny piece of ice?  You’re both suffering under the global climate crisis.

What you need to know about inflation

Inflation leads to the devaluation of a particular currency.

Jalebi, Saree, Samosa: When did we become too good for Bangla?

“It just doesn’t sit well in your mouth, ma.”

Menstruating for the first time

People who never get prior education always end up panicking.

What They Don’t Tell You About the Statement of Purpose

The SOP, in a way, is a conversation with the admissions committee.

What is this morbid curiosity?

Knowing the unknown isn't bad. But it's up to us where we draw the line.



Fiction / Fog beneath the winter skyline

The two friends grew up together playing cricket in the garage, watching Pokémon routinely at 6 PM on Cartoon Network at Zuhayer's flat, and chasing stringless kites.


Superheroes we need and deserve.

The After-chapter

With my memories remaining an unvisited dream, I woke up amidst the calm green meadow that gently held onto me.

Reader Submission / My Home

The trust you gain takes time. 

Fathers and Daughters and Unmailed Letters

Perhaps father was never taught to love.


While I fear whom you’ll become once you hear me, once you leave me.



If you don’t like reading, then comic books are for you

Very few avenues of storytelling have the same level of diversity and versatility as comics, and if you are someone who has an aversion towards reading general books, comics might turn that dislike into a regular reading habit. 

Getting into the habit of reading

The habit of reading seems to have gone out of fashion. Why is that? Many young people shy away from books for many reasons, seemingly finding them too similar to strict textbooks they are taught in schools. However, for those who want to try reading as a hobby but struggle to get into it, there are a few ways to get back on track.         

Growing up surrounded by music

All in all, music is pretty significant in my life nonetheless.

How photographing my life on a daily basis helps me

Keeping track of your life with the visual gift of photography is a 21st century marvel.

When you’re not good at your new hobby

If you relate to this feeling, don't worry. You're not alone.

Why Writers Write

As Anne Frank wrote in her diary, "I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn."

Rekindling Old Hobbies

A common excuse that slips out of our mouth every now and then is “life happened”. Somewhere along the way we all lose sight of ourselves, about who we used to be, about what we liked.

Stars on the rise

Stars on the rise

Custom-made keycaps conjured up by young keyboard enthusiast

What makes Rohan and his gaming rig stand out from many others are the keycaps on his keyboard.

Settling the debate

The team from Bangladesh broke third, right after India and the USA.

Team Bangladesh secures 3 gold medals in IMDO 2023

This year, team Bangladesh secured the first place globally, and won three gold and one silver medal. The winners include Naimul Islam, from Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Ture Saina Tithi, from Mulagram High School, Brahmanbaria, Mst. Samia Afrose Sruty, from Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka, and Md Sanaul Haque Shanto respectively.

14-year-old makes Marvel props at home

Shukonna Barua Prapti, an 11-year-old student of London Grace International School, is a huge fan of Marvel movies.

Bangladeshi school students bag first prize at NASA Space Settlement Contest 2023

Six students from DPS STS School Dhaka secured first place at the NASA Space Settlement Contest 2023.

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