Today's Gallery (2023.12.29)

HUNGRY BIRDS: The Gumai beel of Chattogram, one of the largest paddy fields in country, sees hundreds of red-breasted parakeets descend from the mountains in search of rice to feed on. Every year, these birds have a feast just before the end of the Boro and Aman seasons, as this particular beel turns completely golden with ripe paddy just ahead of harvest. PHOTO: RAJIB RAIHAN
Over 500 people standing in queue as the TCB truck came near the Jatiya Press Club yesterday around noon to sell kitchen essentials at subsidised prices. As the truck seemed to have had commodities enough for around 200 people, many of them said they were afraid they would have to return home empty-handed. With prices of essential soaring in the markets, lines in front of TCB trucks are continuing to get longer. Photo: Anisur Rahman
A homeless man sits still in the winter morning, wrapped in a worn-out shawl. Like him, many others in the city have no place to take shelter in this cold weather. The photo was taken near the High Court area yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
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